Skin Revitalisation

BioRePeel Cl3 is an innovative treatment, using a patented 2-phase technology. So it provides a bio-stimulating, revitalising & peeling-like effect.


This innovative treatment uses a patented 2-phase technology that provides a bio-stimulating, revitalising & peeling-like effect. The product has been developed by CMED AESTHETIC (Italy).

We use BioRePeel Cl3 because it’s rich composition sets it apart from its competitors.

The combination of active components allows it to effectively prevent the ageing of the skin, decrease damage from UV light, pigmentation or acne scars. The essence of the treatment lies within its mild exfoliation. In addition to this, it’s powerful stimulation of biosynthetic processes restores the structure of the skin.

The treatment is also suitable for young skin during acute stages of acne, black heads, with recent or “fresh” scaring, as well as treating fine wrinkles.


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