About Flawless Features


Flawless Features is a specialist Chichester -based clinic, owned and managed by Ash Henry, a fully qualified Harley Street-trained healthcare practitioner, a practicing Midwife and an Independent Nurse-Prescriber. Ash is a member of the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) and RCM (Royal College of Midwives). Ash has been trained by experts, who only train medical professionals. 

She is a practitioner of muscle and wrinkle relaxing treatments Azzalure®/Botox® and dermal fillers for advanced facial contouring such as lips and cheeks enhancement using Juvederm® and Restylane®

Utilising her combined medical and non-surgical cosmetic expertise, Ash is proud to deliver a first-class and customer-focused service.

Consultation is free of charge, offering the perfect opportunity to discuss specific treatments and tailored results. Ash can also reassure you if you have any concerns about procedures; allaying any nerves and replacing them with excitement at the prospect of the New You!